8 Tuesdays, Oct 17-Dec 5
65 Harbour Square 
(Queen’s Quay W & York St)
$200 for the series

In this lively and fast-paced Torah-study class, we’ll explore chapters 9 through 16 of Devarim (Deuteronomy, the 5th book of the Torah), with an eye to completing Devarim, and thus the whole Torah, by the end of May!

Guided by |Rabbi Aaron, our weekly learning will examine the Torah from a wide variety of ancient, medieval, and modern approaches: traditional and academic commentaries, literary and historical insights, and our own understandings and interpretations.

No prior Jewish learning experience or Hebrew necessary. Email Rabbi Aaron with any questions or to sign up.

CANCELLED “Speak the Truth”—But Who Hears It? The Pivotal Moment of Dabru Emet

Post-Holocaust Jewish-Christian Relations

Tuesday, Nov 7
@ Makom
 – 402 College St

Dabru Emet, meaning ‘speak the truth’ in Hebrew, is widely acknowledged as the first major Jewish response to decades of post-Second World War Jewish-Christian relations.

Lindsay Ann Cox, PhD student, and Rabbi Emma Gottlieb explore the history leading up to its creation, its current relevance and possible interfaith implications for adherents to both faiths. Audience members will also be welcomed into the live dialogue session. Together they will discuss how Dabru Emet can be considered a pivotal moment of prophecy in responding to the Holocaust.

Presented as part of the 37th Annual Neuberger Holocaust Education Week

Should We Eat Animals? VEGANISM + JUDAISM Text Study + Discussion

Next Wednesday, Oct 25

@ Makom  402 College St

We’ll explore diverse Jewish sources, from the Torah to modernity, on the ethics, halakhah (Jewish law), and kabbalah (mysticism) of eating animals, together with Rabbi Aaron.

Carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores are all welcome!  Please RSVP.