Friday Night SERVICES + Potluck Kiddush

Friday, August 25, 2017
6:30pm – Doors open; 6:45 – Services start
@ Makom – 402 College St

Celebrate Shabbat with spirit! Wind down from the week and welcome Shabbat with soulful, song-filled services, in which everyone can participate.

Please bring a certified kosher food or drink to share for a light kiddush (snacking & schmoozing). 

Future Friday night services: September 8

Makom is a diverse and inclusive community that welcomes participants who espouse many different approaches to Judaism, from secular to traditionally observant. In order to join together as one community without regard to denominational labels, our services blend traditional and progressive practices. We need a minyan of 10 women + 10 men to start the ma`ariv service, so we encourage you to come on time. Both women and men lead services and there is a low partition between women’s and men’s seating. Upon advance request, we’ll gladly set up a section for gender non-conforming individuals. Children are welcome in all sections.


Saturday, Aug 26
Vermont Square Park

Bring Your Own Picnic Dinner

Spend Shabbat afternoon in the park. Fun for all ages!

4:30 Kids play in the park and splash pad
5:15 Shabbat activities for kids & adults:

  • Children ages 0-4 (and a parent) join MNjcc’s Kohenet Annie Matan and Todah the Sloth in slowing down and celebrating Shabbat and the world around us with song, stories & silliness.
  • School-age children join Rabbi Emma for a Shabbat story & game.
  • Adults & teens enjoy some Jewish learning & discussion with Rabbi Aaron.

6:00 Bring a picnic blanket and dinner for yourself/your family. We’ll provide dessert.

**In the event of rain, the program is cancelled.**

Presented in partnership with Miles Nadal JCC

High Holidays

Rosh Hashanah: Sept 21 & 22
Yom Kippur: Sept 29 & 30
@ UofT – Hart House
Tickets on sale now! Early-bird pricing until Aug 31

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We’re excitedly looking forward to Makom’s beautiful and powerful High Holiday services!

Steven Goldstein and Rabbi Steve Greenberg will return to lead our joyous main services and share inspiring words of Torah, along with Rabbi AaronRabbi Emma and other members of our community.

This year, we’ll also have two Family Services, for families with preschoolers through kindergartners and families with school-aged children, both with mixed seating and led by Rabbi Emma.

We’re proud to announce that Kulanu Toronto will join us as a co-sponsor of High Holiday services.

Tickets are on sale now, with early-bird discountsavailable until Aug 31.  Become a Makom Member now to support your downtown Jewish community and receive an additional discount on your ticket.

Makom Membership

If you’re reading this, then Makom is probably already your Jewish community and you should be counted as a memberIt’s not just about money (we don’t have set dues), it’s about counting in your community.

If you believe in Makom and our visionif you value a diverse, inclusive Jewish community and if you participate in Makom’s Shabbat or holiday services, adult ed classes, Makom Afterschool, Makom Families programs, meditation or cultural events, you should become a Makom Member.

Makom membership is about seeing yourself as part of our growing and thriving community, giving to it and receiving from it. (Privileges and responsibilities of Makom membership are listed here.)

Please fill out your membership form now, make your contribution and be counted as a Makom Member.

FENTSTER presents – Jeremiah: ha’aretz

May 25 – August 29, 2017

Opening Event  Wednesday, June 7  @ Makom 7 – 9  PM FREE


Established Toronto artist Simon Glass creates an installation for FENTSTER featuring new work, exhibited publicly for the first time. Transcribing golden Hebrew letters for the word “ha’aretz” (the land) onto vintage airplane doors, Glass suggests a bird’s-eye view, reinterpreting the bleak and barren landscape described by the Biblical prophet Jeremiah as filled with the potential for healing. www.fentster.org

Intro to TALMUD: Text + Context

6 Tuesdays, July 18-Aug 29 (no class Aug 1) •  10am-12pm • @ 65 Harbour Square (on Queen’s Quay) •  $120 for the series – Register now

While you can’t go to the TO Islands, you can swim in the “Sea of Talmud” right next to the Lake! Through text study, analysis and discussion, we’ll learn a variety of fascinating passages from this core Jewish text with Rabbi Aaron. We’ll also cover the Talmud’s historical context, structure and layout. No experience necessary; sources presented in English and Hebrew/Aramaic. A great way to start understanding what Talmud is and how it works!

Questions or want to register? Contact Rabbi Aaron.


Shabbat in the Park!

Saturday, August 26
4:30pm – 7pm 
@ Vermont Square Park 

4:30pm: Play in the park
5:00pm: Community Shabbat gathering
Families with children ages 0-4 can join MNJcc’s Kohenet Annie Matan and Todah the Sloth in slowing down and celebrating Shabbat and the world around us with song, stories, and silliness.

School age children can join a sababa Shabbat activity.

Adults are welcome to join their children or enjoy some Adult learning with Makom’s Rabbi Aaron.

Bring a picnic blanket and dinner for your family. We’ll bring dessert.

** In the event of rain, the program is cancelled. **

We are Hiring!

Job Opening: Jewish Learning Teacher

Makom ATID (Afterschool Torah Im Derekh-Eretz) is Makom’s brand-new, innovative approach to serious Jewish learning and bar/bat mitzvah preparation. Makom ATID offers classes in Jewish learning, Hebrew language, and synagogue skills (prayer and Torah/haftarah chanting) to students in grades 5-8 in downtown Toronto.

Makom ATID’s Educational Goals
– Engage students in deep and meaningful Jewish learning
– Provide broader, foundational knowledge of Judaism and Hebrew
– Offer continuing education for Makom Afterschool students and educational opportunities for students coming from different Jewish day or supplementary schools or with no prior Jewish education
– Encourage Torah lishmah – Jewish learning for its own sake – with a secondary focus on the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony
– Create downtown Jewish peer community
– Develop future opportunities to engage in volunteering, outdoor experiences, downtown Jewish history, etc.

We seek a dynamic, creative, and energetic teacher who has knowledge of both traditional and contemporary Jewish texts, history, values, and traditions.

The Makom ATID Jewish Learning Teacher will:
– Teach children in grades 5-8 every Wednesday from September to June, 4-6pm
– Teach Jewish texts, history, and traditions through both traditional and experiential models of teaching
– Make Jewish tradition accessible and meaningful to diverse 10- to 14-year-old students
– Teach Jewish values, texts, and traditions in a pluralistic and inclusive fashion

Job Requirements:
– Deep knowledge of Jewish studies and tradition
– Familiarity and facility with the sacred texts of Judaism and their traditional and contemporary interpretations (Torah, Tanakh, Midrash, Mishnah, Talmud, etc.)
– Expertise in one or several of the following: experiential or informal Jewish education, differentiated classrooms, and classroom management
– Experience with classroom teaching, lesson planning, and pedagogy
– Commitment to children’s social and emotional development
– Desire to grow and learn professionally
– Passion for working with children and teens
– Strong oral and written communication skills

Preferred qualifications:
– Experience with experiential education methods
– Training or experience in formal and informal Jewish education
– Experience with differentiated classroom, teaching multiple ages at once
– Knowledge of child development and ability to apply it to lesson planning and instruction

In addition to a base salary, the Makom ATID Jewish Learning Teacher will receive vacation pay and paid sick leave, as well as CPP and EI benefits.

Please submit resumes to rabbi@makomTO.org.

Resumes will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.
For more information, please visit our website: www.makomafterschool.org


Monday, July 31
8:30pm – Doors Open
8:45pm sharp – Services Start
10:15pm – Program Ends
@ Kiever Synagogue – 25 Bellevue Ave.

Please join Makom and the Kiever to usher in Tish`ah be-Av, the ninth day of the lunar month of Av. This date marks the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem and other tragedies in Jewish history. It is traditionally observed with fasting, refraining from wearing leather, and other mourning customs. (For more background, see here.)

Please BRING FOOD for St. Stephen’s Community House Corner Drop-In kitchen, in keeping with the spirit of Isaiah 58:6-7, “This is the fast I desire… It is to share your bread with the hungry.” Fresh produce, grains, and canned or boxed foods are all welcome.

We’ll pray the brief evening service and listen to the Biblical book of Eikhah (Lamentations), hauntingly chanted by a number of community members. As signs of mourning, it is customary to sit on the floor of the synagogue with the lights dimmed, so please BRING A FLASHLIGHT. We’ll also sing some songs, kinnot (elegies), and niggunim (wordless melodies).

If you’d like to chant a chapter or half-chapter of Eikhah, please contact Rabbi Aaron ASAP.

FYI, the fast begins Monday at sunset, 8:41 pm, and ends Tuesday at nightfall, 9:30 pm.
There will be a low partition between women’s and men’s seating for the evening service, which will be removed for Eikhah and the rest of the evening’s program.

Now Hiring: Admin & Marketing Coordinator

Are you great at marketing and social media, organizing, event planning, and office admin? Want to work at a dynamic and friendly small org? If so, apply now to be Makom’s next Administrative and Marketing Coordinator.

See the job description and application instructions here. Apply ASAP.