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Our Jewish learning model is play-based, teaching Jewish culture and traditions in a pluralistic and inclusive fashion, fostering creativity and independent thinking, spirituality, nature appreciation, and Jewish ethics. Hebrew language learning is immersive. Throughout the week, students experience arts,  outdoor play, drama, sports, dance, and music – all taught in Hebrew. Outdoor time is included every day, weather allowing. Jewish learning and Hebrew language are incorporated throughout the week.

All children attend Monday and Wednesday — our core Hebrew and Jewish education days. This way, all children at Makom Afterschool develop the same basic working knowledge on which to build, whether through the other days at Makom Afterschool or other educational opportunities. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are enrichment days, exploring different topics in a Hebrew setting with a variety of specialists in those fields.

  • Monday and Wednesday: Required Core Days — Core Hebrew and Jewish literacy, including learning to read, write, and speak Hebrew, vocabulary, Jewish values and traditions
  • Tuesday: Arts and Music Day — Visual arts, music, drama
  • Thursday: Movement and Sports — Yoga, krav maga, sports, dance, nature
  • Friday: Hands-on Jewish Enrichment Day — Making Jewish food, learning songs, stories, crafts, exploring Shabbat and holidays

The focus of learning for all days is Hebrew and Jewish knowledge, accomplished through Hebrew immersion and experiential learning. Teachers are experienced educators, native Hebrew speakers, and are excited to get to know you and your children. Learning is play-based, interactive, and fun.

New students and students moving up from one day a week to two or more will be happily introduced to Hebrew vocabulary, writing, and reading.

Learning Objectives

  • To enhance children’s Jewish identities and meaningful connections to Jewish life
  • To teach Jewish values, traditions, and culture utilizing a pluralistic and joyous approach
  • To engender a love, enjoyment and appreciation of the Hebrew language
  • To create a rich and immersive linguistic environment in which students talk, sing and play in Hebrew, and thus develop skills of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in Hebrew

Families are encouraged to get involved in their children’s education through a bi-weekly email, detailing the week past and upcoming week, including vocabulary students are learning, suggested family activities, and upcoming specialists and topics.

Makom: Downtown Jewish Playschool - Kids

Schedule and Calendar

The first day of Makom Afterschool 2016-2017 is September 12, 2016 and the last day is June 29, 2017.

Makom Afterschool runs from 3:30-5:30pm, and can generally accommodate various school dismissal times.

Typical Core Day

  • 3:30-4:00pm: Students arrive and play outside and gather for snack.
  • 4:00-5:20pm: Lesson of the day (Hebrew language, Jewish traditions, arts and music, movement)
  • 5:20-5:30pm: Closing and getting ready to go home

Typical Enrichment days (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays) include an hour or more of art projects, Israeli dance class, sing-alongs, field trips, yoga, soccer, team building, skits, and more with our Enrichment Specialists.

Parents must pick up their children at 5:30pm. After a 10 minute grace period, late fees are assessed at $1 each minute after 5:40pm, payable directly to the teacher.

We follow the Toronto District School Board school schedule – classes run whenever school is in session. We are also closed on certain Jewish holidays.

Upcoming Holiday Closures

  • October 3-4, 2016 – Rosh Hashanah day 1 and 2
  • October 11-12, 2016 – Erev Yom Kippur and Yom Kippur Day
  • April 10-11, 2017 – Passover Seder nights

Please check the Toronto District School Board calendar for upcoming PA days.

Makom Afterschool Community Celebrations

We also have several community celebrations throughout the year, including a Chanukah party and end-of-year Student Celebration Night. All Makom Afterschool families are warmly invited to participate in Makom Families Programming throughout the year, including holiday celebrations, cultural activities, and family learning.


Makom - Downtown Jewish Playschool Kids

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