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“The services were the most spiritual ones I have ever attended.”


“I am someone who has lived downtown for 20 years and raised my children here, but who had not found a shul to which my whole family wanted to go until we found Makom.”


“Without Makom I just wouldn’t be involved in a Jewish community at all.”


“As a parent with a young family in downtown Toronto, I and many of my friends have long been looking for the kind of exuberant Jewish experience Rabbi Levy leads, especially in a downtown context.”


“For many years, I did not go to shul because I didn’t have a community or a space that I felt connected to. After my first Makom service, I was hooked and my connection to Judaism in Toronto was strengthened and nourished.”


“Makom brings Judaism into everyday life. The gardening workshops showed me that you can bring spirituality into the mundane, into our daily life. It’s not just about going to shul on Shabbat. It’s much, much more. This is the essence of Makom, and something that you don’t see anywhere else in Toronto.”


From Rosario Marchese, NDP MPP for Trinity-Spadina:

“Dear Mr. Levy,

I really enjoyed reading the Globe & Mail article about Makom last Saturday. Many Torontonians are unaware that Kensington market was once the heart of Toronto’s Jewish community. It is a joy to see elements of that community, along with its religious and cultural traditions, returning. It is especially exciting that Makom, through combining a respect for tradition with an open and progressive message, has attracted a new generation.

I cannot help but relate your story to that of my own community. When I grew up, College West and St. Clair West were Italian communities, built by waves of early immigration. As with the Jewish community, prosperity led to a migration away from the city, north to the suburbs. I would never lament prosperity, but something has been lost. I would love to see a similar movement; young Italian-Canadians returning downtown, remembering earlier generations while moving forward with progressive ideas and a reinvigorated sense of community.

I am writing to thank you and your fellow leaders and members in Makom for your contribution to the neighbourhood. I represent Trinity-Spadina, a riding whose greatest strength is residents like yourself, who help us make connections with each other. These connections are most powerful when they tie the past, present and future together.


Rosario Marchese
NDP MPP for Trinity-Spadina”

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