July 29: Shabbat Morning Services + Lunch n’ Learn

Join us for soulful and song-filled Shabbat morning services,followed by Shabbat lunch and learning!

Saturday July 29 
@Makom (map)
Various price options available so finances aren’t an impediment to anyone’s participation.
Services do not require registration.

We’ll hear the Torah reading of parashat Va’etchanan (Deuteronomy 6:4-5), in which Moses pleads to enter the Land of Israel before his final speech to the Israelites, reminding them to keep the commandments.

Supervised childcare will be provided in Makom’s playroom during services.

Lunch registration required! We have various price options so that finances aren’t an impediment to anyone’s participation.

Become a Makom Member first and save 10%.

Services don’t require registration.

At lunch, we’ll enjoy a  catered, delicious vegan & kosher meal together.

Please come on time so we can start services strong with a double minyan,* especially for anyone saying kaddish.

*As a diverse and inclusive Jewish community, Makom has mens’, womens’, and all-genders’ seating sections. Female, male, and gender non-binary Jews can lead parts of services, read and be called up to the Torah, and count in our double minyanim of both 10 Jewish men and 10 Jews regardless of gender. Makom services follow the traditional Ashkenazi liturgy (prayer text).

Makom welcomes participants of all abilities. Makom’s main space is wheelchair accessible; unfortunately, the washroom and playroom are not. If you have an accessibility need or require any accommodations, please reach out to us.

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