LAG BA-OMER FAMILY Bedtime Program

Tues, May 12

Online via Zoom or call 647-558-0588
Meeting ID: 835 2443 7272, Password: 016080

Families with kids! Let’s come together to celebrate Lag ba-Omer – the joyous 33rd day between Passover and Shauvot – with a bonfire, s’mores, crafts, music, and a bedtime story.

If you’re able, challenge your kid(s) craft a medurah (bonfire in Hebrew) beforehand and they’ll get to show it off during the program. (Crafting suggestions below.)

You can also make microwave s’mores to eat during the program – yum!

Questions? Contact Sorel.

Medurah (Bonfire) Crafting Tips:
You can make it flat or 3D.

For the wood: go outside and collect twigs, or use popsicle sticks (you can colour them brown) or brown paper (even from a paper bag), or create a textured base by putting a rough texture under the paper and rubbing over it with a brown crayon.

For the flames: tear up construction paper, tissue paper or wrapping paper and glue or tape it into the shape of a flame, or use markers to draw the flame.

For the night sky: if you’ve used a dark colour as the background for your bonfire, you can fill the night sky with stars using stickers, glitter glue or glitter pens, or even dots of tin foil.

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