March 1: Friday Night Services + Kiddush in Honour of Adar Levy Kramer’s Bar Mitzvah

Rabbi Aaron Levy and Miriam Kramer invite you to celebrate their son Adar Levy Kramer becoming a bar mitzvah!

Register here by Thursday February 29th.

@Kiever Synagogue

5:45pm Candle lighting (optional)

6:00 Welcome Shabbat with soulful, song-filled services

Services followed by kiddush (snacking and socializing)

Services will begin promptly at 6pm; please try to come on time.

Note: services will be at the Kiever Synagogue (not Makom).

Enter at the front doors on the south side (facing the park)

Services Details

Makom is a diverse and inclusive community that welcomes participants who espouse many different approaches to Judaism, from secular to traditionally observant.

As guests in the Kiever Synagogue, we’ll follow their practice of services having men’s- and women’s-seating sections only (no mixed/all-genders’ section).

Women, men, and non-binary folks may lead parts of services.  We need an egalitarian minyan of 10 Jews and a non-overlapping traditional minyan of 10 men to start the maariv service, so we encourage you to come on time.

Accessibility Information

The Kiever’s sanctuary is up a flight of stairs and washrooms are down a flight of stairs.

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