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Tikkun Motza’ei Shavuot

Saturday, May 30 at 9:45 – Midnight

Zoom link:
Password: 7EuNef

Makom, TPM, Annex Shul, and Beth Lida are combining forces to bring you a Tikkun (Motza’ei) Shavuot experience you’ve never had before.

As Shabbos ends, and Yontif recedes, join us for a spirited, musical Havdalah followed by insightful and inspiring classes from many of your favourite teachers, all from these four holy communities!

The theme for our Tikkun #TorahFest will be #Bikkurim, or first fruits. We’ll delve deep into this Shavuot-offering, exploring newness, creation, creativity, and how to bring innovation into our lives.

We’re honoured to have classes taught by Makom’s Rabbi Aaron Levy, Lea New Minkowitz, Annex Shul’s Aaron Rotenberg, Beth Lida’s R’ Joshua Schwartz, and TPM’s Dr. Anna Urowitz-Freudenstein!

Excited to receive the Torah with you!

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YIZKOR Memorial Service

Sun, May 31

Online via Zoom or call 647-558-0588
Meeting ID: 955 4183 9308, Password: 024117

Let’s come together to memorialize our loved ones who have passed, whether recently or long ago, and all those around the world who have died from COVID-19.

Yizkor is the special memorial service traditionally said on holidays, including Shavuot. Since we won’t be able to gather on Shavuot itself, we’ll do so the following day.

We’ll say short prayers in Hebrew and English, sing, and reflect on lives lost.

All are welcome; please join us.

Musical HAVDALAH + Melaveh Malkah (Sing-Along)

This Saturday, May 23 9:30-9:45pm

Online via Zoom or call 647-558-0588
Meeting ID: 955 4183 9308, Password: 024117

Join Rabbi Aaron and family to conclude Shabbat with a sing-along havdalah followed by a short Melaveh Malkah – escorting out the Shabbat queen with joyous songs (and percussion!).

Best if you have your own havdalah items ready to go so we can all say havdalah together: wine/grape juice/beer/liquor/tea/juice, fragrant spices or herbs, and a multi-wicked candle (or just hold any two regular candles together), but if not, no worries.

Lunch n’ Learn: What’s The Gossip?

Thursday, July 23


Online via Zoom
Meeting ID: 955 4183 9308, Password: 024117
FREE (Bring Your Own Lunch)

We all do it, but what does Judaism have to say about gossip? Slander? But what if it’s true? How ’bout if someone else said it?

Explore these questions and more through text study and discussion with Rabbi Aaron.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME. No prior Jewish learning experience required. Sources presented in both Hebrew and English translation.

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FENTSTER Opening: What Will Remain?

Mon, May 18

Livestream on FENTSTER’s Facebook page

Our friends at FENTSTER have installed a new, real-world exhibition in Makom’s storefront window (following safe distancing measures, of course), on view until Aug 14.

Toronto artist Robert Davidovitz created a striking stained glass art installation, paying homage to his roots in Vilna and to the fragile material that buttressed his family for generations, making their livelihoods from repairing broken windows.

The painting Marc Chagall made upon visiting the Vilna synagogue of an influential 18th-century Rabbi known as the Vilna Gaon. Davidovitz reinterpreted the colourful windows in Chagall’s canvas of the synagogue that was later destroyed during WWII. Cracked panes remind us how brokenness is a part of life, undeniable at a time when our existence feels shattered. 

Join the livestream opening for an engaging conversation between the artist Robert Davidovitz and curator Evelyn Tauben, hosted by esteemed international scholar, Dr. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Ronald S. Lauder Chief Curator, Core Exhibition at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, in Warsaw.

Featuring a live performance by the lead singer of the New York-based Yiddish rock band Yiddish PrincessSarah Gordon, of the poem “Ver Vet Blaybn” by Avrom Sutzkever, which inspired the exhibition title.

Click for more info. 

LAG BA-OMER FAMILY Bedtime Program

Tues, May 12

Online via Zoom or call 647-558-0588
Meeting ID: 835 2443 7272, Password: 016080

Families with kids! Let’s come together to celebrate Lag ba-Omer – the joyous 33rd day between Passover and Shauvot – with a bonfire, s’mores, crafts, music, and a bedtime story.

If you’re able, challenge your kid(s) craft a medurah (bonfire in Hebrew) beforehand and they’ll get to show it off during the program. (Crafting suggestions below.)

You can also make microwave s’mores to eat during the program – yum!

Questions? Contact Sorel.

Medurah (Bonfire) Crafting Tips:
You can make it flat or 3D.

For the wood: go outside and collect twigs, or use popsicle sticks (you can colour them brown) or brown paper (even from a paper bag), or create a textured base by putting a rough texture under the paper and rubbing over it with a brown crayon.

For the flames: tear up construction paper, tissue paper or wrapping paper and glue or tape it into the shape of a flame, or use markers to draw the flame.

For the night sky: if you’ve used a dark colour as the background for your bonfire, you can fill the night sky with stars using stickers, glitter glue or glitter pens, or even dots of tin foil.

LAG BA-OMER ZOOMZITZ (Kumzitz on Zoom)

Mon, May 11

Online via Zoom
RSVP in advance for the password

We’re not going to let the coronavirus keep us from celebrating Lag ba-Omer as a community! Kum zitz – Come sit with us online around a bonfire for singing and Torah.

If you want to share a song or some Torah, please email Josh, and we’ll be happy to slot you in!

This is a free event but please RSVP to receive the password.

Presented in partnership with Beth Lida and Annex Shul

Israeli Dancing

Tues, June 23


Online via Zoom
Meeting ID: 955 4183 9308, Password: 024117

Let’s dance! Join Adina for beginner-friendly, living-room-friendly Israeli dancing. All ages welcome.

Q: What should I wear on my feet?
A: Whatever’s comfortable! Depending on the nature of your floor, you may prefer to wear sneakers, or to be barefoot. If you have a smooth floor, socks can get slippery!

Q: I’ve never done Israeli dancing before. Can I still come?
A: Of course! I will teach the steps first, before we put them to music.

Q: How much space do I need?
A: I’m picking dances that are relatively small-space-friendly. If you can take about four steps forwards and four steps from side to side, then you can dance.

TORAH Study: Solomon’s Story

Mondays, July 27, Aug 10 – 31
10am – 12pm
$125 for 5 sessions
Registration Required

Join us online to learn and discuss the checkered life of King Solomon from the Biblical Book of Kings from a great variety of perspectives: ancient and modern, traditional and academic, literary and historical, etc.

No prior Jewish study or Hebrew knowledge required. Contact Rabbi Aaron for more info and to register.

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Ask The Doctor

Next Thurs, Apr 30

Online via Zoom
or call 647-558-0588, meeting ID: 955 4183 9308, Password: 024117

Join Dr. Melissa Melnitzer for a Q&A about COVID. Dr. Melnitzer is a physician with the Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care at Mt. Sinai Hospital. She is a home-visiting doctor providing end-of-life care. She will be present to answer your questions and share her experiences with COVID in the community. Q&A will be facilitated by Dr. Melnitzer’s husband, Ari Kaplan, who is also the president of Makom.