Shabbat Services

Join us for soulful, song-filled Shabbat services and Torah teachings! We meet every other week, with one Friday night service and one Shabbat morning service every month.

As a diverse and inclusive Jewish community, Makom has mens’, womens’, and mixed (all genders’) seating sections. Female, male, and gender non-binary Jews can lead parts of services, read and be called up to the Torah, and count in our double minyanim of both 10 Jewish men and 10 Jews regardless of gender. Makom services follow the full traditional liturgy (prayer text).

Dates and Times of Upcoming Shabbat Services

Colourful Hebrew letters spelling Shabbat Shalom

Friday, January 27, 6:00pm (sign up)
Saturday, February 11, 9:30am
Friday, February 24, 6:00pm
Saturday, March 11, 9:30am
Friday, March 24, 6:00pm
Friday, April 21, 6:15pm
Saturday, May 6, 9:30am
Friday, May 19, 6:30pm
Saturday, June 17, 9:30am

Covid Precautions for Indoor Services

Our Cori-Rosenthal box, together with open windows, provide good ventilation for our storefront.

Everyone age 2 and over must wear a mask at all times while in the building. Adults and kids age 5+ must wear a surgical or respirator (KF94, KN95 or N95) mask; cloth masks are no longer acceptable. We will provide adult- and kid-sized masks for anyone who doesn’t have one. Kids 2-4 should wear whatever mask they will wear consistently and fits best.

Anyone who, within the last 10 days, had symptoms of Covid-19 or a household member with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 must not attend.


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