A Makom Hanukkah Story

A Makom Hanukkah Story 

In the traditional Hanukkah story, the Maccabees are dismayed to find that the Temple has been ransacked and there is only enough oil to light the menorah for one night.  Never a nation willing to let minor obstacles get in their way, the Jews optimistically light the menorah and are rewarded when the oil burns for eight days instead.

Leading into Hanukkah, Makom has also been taking stock of its supplies.  And what we’ve found is that the money that allows us to keep the proverbial candles lit is getting a bit low.  Wanting to preserve miracles for those occasions that really require one, we are instead asking for the Makom community to throw a little gelt our way this Hanukkah.

Speaking of miracles, you can make your donation right from the comfort of your couch, desk, meeting, classroom, or wherever you are reading this message.  Simply go here on the Canada Helps website and be sure to include a message that your donation is for Makom (since our donations are tax deductible through Toronto Partnership Minyan).  Thanks so much for helping Makom stay alight.

May all our lights continue to shine brightly,
The Makom Leadership Team.

P.S. To learn more about how giving to Makom supports the revitalization of downtown Jewish life, suggested donation amounts, and other ways to donate, please see our donate page and video.

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