Interfaith Couples’ Gathering:
Many Meanings of Hanukkah

Symbols of different religions around two people holding hands
Wed, Nov 24

Registration Required
(Zoom link sent upon registration)
Free – donations greatly appreciated!

ALL* interfaith** couples*** are invited to come together (virtually) to join our growing, warm community! We’ll get to know each other better and then learn about and discuss multiple meanings of Hanukkah: historical, mythical, particularistic, and universal.

Automatic Closed Captioning.
Presented in partnership with Jewish&

*LGBTQ and straight couples warmly welcome!
**We use the term “interfaith” loosely, to include any couples with one Jewish partner and one partner who isn’t Jewish, whether they’re affiliated with another religion or not. (After all, we don’t usually call Judaism a “faith” either, but it’s common parlance in English.) Of course, interfaith couples who are also intercultural or interracial are most welcome as well!
***One or both partners of interfaith couples are welcome to join us.

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