Jan 27: Shabbat Shirah: Singing in the Dark + Havdalah

Celebrate Shabbat Shirah with gorgeous singing in the dark!

Shabbat Shirah – literally, the Shabbat of Song – is the Shabbat on which we read from the Torah of our ancestors’ spontaneous singing after fleeing Egypt and safely crossing through the Sea of Reeds.

Let’s mark this special Shabbat with a contemplative and harmonious seudah shelishit – third meal of Shabbat – focused more on the soul than the body.

We’ll begin by mindfully eating some fruit (allowing the tastes of Tu bi-Shvat to linger from earlier in the week) and drinking tea.

Inspired by an Izhbitz hasidic custom for Shabbat afternoon, as practiced by the Yakar community in Jerusalem, as the sun sets and room darkens, we’ll immerse ourselves in beautiful and powerful niggunim – wordless melodies. We’ll sing together in the darkness and allow the notes to linger in the silence after we sing. During this time, there will be no speaking.

We’ll conclude our experience with a musical havdalah – the short, sweet blessings for ending Shabbat.

Everyone is welcome! You don’t need to know any tunes; you’ll learn them through repetition.

Please try to arrive on time so as not to disrupt the flow of the program.

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