Beyond the Torah: Jeremiah

Detail of Michelangel's painting of Jeremiah on the Sistine Chapel ceiling
Mondays, Oct 4 – Dec 13 (except Oct 11)
Online via Zoom
$250 for 10 sessions 
Registration Required

The Biblical book of Yirmiyahu/Jeremiah is a collection of powerful, poetic speeches by this prophet of the seventh and sixth centuries BCE. He lived through the Babylonian conquest of the kingdom of Judah, destruction of Jerusalem, and exile of the Jewish people, which led him to challenge both his own people and God in emotional outpourings.

Join us online to learn and discuss a chapter or two each week from a great variety of perspectives: ancient and modern, traditional and academic, literary and historical, etc.

No prior Jewish study or Hebrew knowledge required. 
Contact Rabbi Aaron for more info and to register.

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