Due Thurs, Mar 25
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Authorization forms: doc or pdf

Traditional Jewish law (Torah – Shemot/Exodus 12:19) forbids not only eating any hametz (leavened grain products) during Passover, but even owning any hametz. While it’s ideal to consume or donate (e.g., to a soup kitchen) all hametz prior to the morning before Passover starts, rabbinic tradition allows for the sale of hametz to a non-Jew, even while it remains on your premises.

If you’d like to sell your hametz through Makom, please complete and sign the linked form (in either doc or pdf format), scan it, and email it to by 12noon on Thurs, Mar 25.

Or you may mail the completed and signed form to: Rabbi Aaron Levy, 141 Markham St., Toronto, ON M6J 2G4. Mailed forms must reach Rabbi Aaron by Thurs, Mar 25.

Please note that selling hametz is a bit more complicated this year because Shabbat immediately precedes the start of Passover. The sale of hametz will be transacted on Fri, Mar 26 at approximately 6:00pm but will not take effect until Sat, Mar 27 at 12:15pm. It will apply only to hametz that you owned at 6:00pm on Mar 26. Any hametz you acquire after 6:00pm on Mar 26 will not be subject to this sale and must be given away or otherwise disposed of before 12:20pm on Sat, Mar 27.

FYI, the latest time to finish eating hametz on Saturday, March 27 is 11:18am.

There’s no fee for this service. Donations to Makom are appreciated (minimum suggested donation of $18). You may donate online or mail a cheque along with your form.

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