Tikkun Motza’ei Shavuot

Saturday, May 30 at 9:45 – Midnight

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89017501937
Password: 7EuNef

Makom, TPM, Annex Shul, and Beth Lida are combining forces to bring you a Tikkun (Motza’ei) Shavuot experience you’ve never had before.

As Shabbos ends, and Yontif recedes, join us for a spirited, musical Havdalah followed by insightful and inspiring classes from many of your favourite teachers, all from these four holy communities!

The theme for our Tikkun #TorahFest will be #Bikkurim, or first fruits. We’ll delve deep into this Shavuot-offering, exploring newness, creation, creativity, and how to bring innovation into our lives.

We’re honoured to have classes taught by Makom’s Rabbi Aaron Levy, Lea New Minkowitz, Annex Shul’s Aaron Rotenberg, Beth Lida’s R’ Joshua Schwartz, and TPM’s Dr. Anna Urowitz-Freudenstein!

Excited to receive the Torah with you!

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