Tikkun Pre-Shavuot: Late-Night Learning Festival

Making It Count

Sat, May 15

Online via Zoom or call 647-558-0588
Meeting ID: 955 4183 9308, Passcode: 024117
FREE – donations greatly appreciated!
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As Shabbat ends and Shavuot approaches, join us for a spirited, musical Havdalah followed by insightful and inspiring mini-classes by top teachers from multiple communities.

On this final night of the Omer – the period of counting each day from Passover to Shavuot – we’ll delve into this practice and explore what it means for us to count our days and make them count.

We’re honoured to have five half-hour classes. Join us for as much or as little as you’d like!

9:45pm Havdalah & Counting the Last Day of the Omer
10:00 Dr. Anna Urowitz-Freudenstein – Serach Bat Asher: Every Wo(Man) Counts
10:30 Joshua Schwartz – Literal Creativity: Remaking the World with Letters (& Numbers!)  
11:00 Aaron Rotenberg – Measuring Holiness in Time & Space 
11:30 Rabbi Aaron Levy – Lucky Number 7?
12am Becky Friedman – Va-Yehi Ba-Hatzi ha-Lilah: And It Happened At Midnight  

Presented by Annex Shul, Beth Lida, Eshel Toronto, Makom & Toronto Partnership Minyan

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